Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sunny Yellow!

With the onset of winter, fast approaching, I thought I would revisit my "sunshiney" blog that I posted back in March to remind me of Spring & Summer...just makes me, well...SMILE! :)


It's true....I love the sun, sooo much!!! It just makes me feel...well, HAPPY! It doesn't hurt that it's mid March in Indiana and this is our second, I repeat SECOND week of record breaking temps! The flowers have bloomed, the grass is growing...I could go on and on! Let me hear a Wooo Hooo! 

I don't know about you, but I become a SUN ZOMBIE...that is my definition of someone who can't function (ie. do the things they are supposed to be doing) when it is a beautiful day out. I admit, all I want to do is be outside, soaking in those glorious rays of sunshine! I feel so guilty and then I kinda don't care...I'm living in the moment! I met a girlfriend for breakfast, lounged on my deck and looked through some magazines, visited with neighbors, and picked our son up from school in our...YELLOW JEEP with the tops off! We will probably top the day off with dinner on the grill and a trip to our local Dairy Queen! Hey, I do live in Indiana...we could have a blizzard next week!

So, with that being said, I have added a few "rays of sunshine" for you to check out (especially, if you are living in a place that's not so sunny right now). 

Just "click" on the descriptions!

*Yep, I have this!

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