Sunday, November 18, 2012

Deck the Halls with...Red and Green! Falalala...lalalala

I know, I know...Thanksgiving hasn't happened yet and I'm already posting Christmas things! It has always been one of my biggest pet peeves when people decorate or celebrate one holiday before another one has happened, AND don't even get me started about "those people" who leave Christmas lights on AFTER New Years! Ha!

At any rate, like most busy people, I am trying to get a head start on my decorating & shopping so that I can actually enjoy the holidays! It is what it is, right?!?!

Good luck with your holidays! Here are some of my handmade picks! :)

Ever Blooming Originals has a great selection of wreaths and door swags for the holidays. I like them because they are not your typical pine wreath.

For some reason, I am a huge fan of fun pillows...I just love them and have them all over my house. 
So sorry that you have to throw them on the floor to sit on my furniture! Ha! 
Thought these were cute, festive choices for the holidays!

Just look at these cute little babies from The Pink Shrimp! So adorable...looks like they NEED a tree to call home! :)

How about a sturdy handmade stoneware coffee or hot cocoa mug from Warrenfeltz Pottery?
The colors are so rich and once again...No one else will have this one of a kind item, or buy the set!!!

Handmade in Chico makes these cute little scrabble tile pendants that are sooo fun. 
Maybe a great teacher gift?!?!

I don't even know what these are from Skye Art, but I thought...How adorable! I believe they are little pottery pieces that would look great just about anywhere...on your table, the mantel...

This is a different idea for a wall hanging from Aqua Xpressions that brings that red and green in or out...maybe hang some lights on it too!!!

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