Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Black and Cream

I love the simplicity of a bird on a branch and the contrast of black and cream!  You have to see what I found first...These are drawer fronts from an abandoned house that my sister and her husband purchased in an auction.  They are plastic and were adhered to drawer fronts of a dresser. Old, dirty, yellowed...UGLY, etc...BUT, I liked the look of them and knew I could make them pretty! ;)

So, I cleaned and painted them a flat cream color (to match a frame that I already had made).

Then I sketched my birds on a branch.

Then I painted in my design.

Next step was to sand off some edges. It can't be too perfect, right?

Then, spray polyurethane to protect & hang them on my wall!

I love them soooo much!


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