Saturday, November 22, 2014

Ugly...No more!!

It has been sooo long since I have posted...BUT, I've been busy! Yes, busy renovating a new HaPpY, FUN, summer lake house. Now, the happy, fun part is what my family and I make of it...but OH, is it UGLY...I mean UGLY!!!  Here is just one room. More to follow, though!

This is the BEFORE. Just one of 3 bedrooms.  Complete with vinyl blinds, valances, sculptured carpeting and some wonky particle board bed.  What you don't see or smell even is the moldy carpet and mold spots on the walls and baseboard trim.  A lot of bleach and tearing out of carpeting happened.  Oh yeah! is the AFTER! 

A new cork backed laminate, moisture resistant flooring went in.  A fresh coat of paint...kind of a greenish/yellow to brighten the walls, was added.  Then, my childhood canopy bed was renovated...Yes, no more canopy, removed the end posts and spray painted the heck out of it with a fun orange Valspar paint and the night stand to match.  Notice the colorful throw pillow on the bed. That was my inspiration piece. :)
I then added some bamboo shades for privacy and some white drapery for softness.

 Notice the corner hutch. This comes from my dad's high school days in woodworking class. I have painted and moved this piece to many homes. It just fit here in this guest room.  A few fun prints were added next, a shelf with hooks for towels, etc. and a bench for a suitcase or whatever.  I just love this room. Cannot wait to have a guest at The Lake House!!! :)

Oh, and check out my cute little chalkboard sign on the door.  I can write little messages to our guests! Ha! My family thinks I'm nuts...I just love the "little things"! ;)